Sarah Esmond, MS

Sarah Esmond, MS, lends project management to all Center offerings, to ensure alignment of health equity-related programming with CCHE mission and offerings occurring in the UW School of Medicine and PublicHealth, other UW Health Sciences schools, and with central campus entities including the UW Office of Community Relations, Morgridge Center for Public Service, and the UW Native Nations Working Group supported out of the Nelson Center. She serves on the South Madison Partnership Advisory Board and lends community engagement leadership to All of Us Wisconsin programming out of UW-Madison. She contributes to multiple national workgroups and networks such as the NIH-sponsored CE Broker’s/Program Managers Meeting, and programming from the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, a nonprofit membership organization that promotes health equity and social justice through partnerships between communities and academic institutions. Sarah co-founded the Health Equity Leadership Institute and the Advancing Health Equity andDiversity programs at UW, as well as the UW Native American Center for HealthProfessions. She also established CCHE Research Ambassadors serving inMilwaukee (with long-time partners at the United Community Center) and Madison counties.

Between2002 and 2014, Sarah served as the Administrative Director for two NIH/NIMHDCenter of Excellence awards to UW. Between 2015 and Spring 2020, she served as the Administrative Director for the UW Institute for Clinical and TranslationalResearch. She facilitates research partnerships, community-academic engagement and career development programming – and the administrative infrastructure necessary to support these -- in support of health equity scholars addressing disparities in health and health outcomes across diverse communities.